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Holding Back the Sea

What Christopher Hallowell has done in this remarkable study of the Louisiana wetlands is to reveal two invaluable secrets: first, that there is a real danger of losing this culturally and economically rich area; second, that the wetlands themselves constitute a major part of the environment and so deserve both rescue and wonder. Hallowell has done nothing less than to disclose a complete, fascinating, and indispensible world.       —Roger Rosenblatt

Hallowell brings his readers into living rooms and government committee meetings, on helicopter flights and boat rides to measure the concern of Louisiana residents about a future that has already arrived.       —The Times-Picayune

People of the Bayou

Christopher Hallowell is a skillful writer on natural history. He has added to his cast of human characters such living creatures as muskrats, nutrias, oysters, shrimp and crawfish; they seem as vital and interesting as the men and women who seek them out for their living.       —The New York Times Book Review

Hallowell thoroughly knows and respects his subject, and his writing is clean, lively, and, on occasion, warmly affecting.       —The New Yorker

Growing Old, Staying Young

A provocative, insightful book about the perils and pleasures of aging. It should be read by all Americans.
—Congressmen Claude Pepper

Father to the Man

polished writing and affectionate familial observation….as well as brooding passages, pages stained with invisible blood and tears.       —Chicago Tribune